HD CCTV cameras can be invaluable tools if you need to secure your business premises against intruders and criminals. Of course, the footage captured by CCTV cameras can serve as useful evidence when seeking out and prosecuting intruders. However, the cameras also act as deterrents and can be used to spot intruders before they attempt to gain access to your premises, thereby allowing you to take preventative action.

Here at I-HT, we believe that spotting intruders as early as possible gives you the best chance of stopping them. That’s why your security personnel need to know what to look for when viewing your CCTV monitors. That’s why we’ve created a handy list of suspicious behaviours your security staff should look for when monitoring CCTV feeds.

  1. Loitering and inspecting your perimeter

Career criminals and other individuals who may be planning on breaking into your premises may ‘case’ it first. This means that they will spend a lot of time examining your business, looking for security weaknesses. Your security personnel can use your CCTV cameras to look for anyone who seems to be spending a suspiciously long loitering near your premises.

They should try to spot individuals who are taking too much interest in your security arrangements. By identifying potential intruders while they are casing your premises, you and your security personnel can ensure that you are prepared to catch them if they do attempt to break in.

  1. Repeated visits to your premises

If a particular individual repeatedly visits or walks past your business premises without entering, it may because they are looking for a security weakness. This is a more subtle form of casing, so have your security personnel look out for it.

  1. Concealing facial features and other distinctive characteristics

Obviously, prospective intruders don’t want to be recognised. As a result, they may take care to avoid showing their faces to a CCTV camera. If an individual seems to be actively concealing their face or making a concerted effort not to look directly at a camera, it may be because they have criminal intentions. Teach your security personnel to keep an eye on these individuals if they spot them on your CCTV monitors.

It’s easier to spot suspicious behaviour and keep track of specific individuals if you invest in our HD CCTV cameras. They have far better resolution than standard cameras, so your security personnel will be able to use them to monitor the behaviours we’ve described and help protect your business.