If you’ve installed CCTV in your home, then you’ll know of its value in preventing crime. But those cameras can also be used for some interesting creative uses to look after the family and bring people together. Here’s how:

Babysit your children and pets

Is your child really doing their homework? And where’s the dog, cat or rabbit got to? No one’s suggesting you keep your family under surveillance 24/7 but your CCTV cameras are a very handy way to keep an eye on where everyone is and what they’re up to, making CCTV a valuable tool to let you keep a watchful eye out while getting on with your daily life.

Keep elderly relatives independent

CCTV can be invaluable in giving elderly relatives the independence to remain in their own home, while you have the peace of mind of knowing you can check up on their health and wellbeing even when you can’t get to visit in person.

Locate household pests

Want to know what that rustling in the attic is, or what’s been eating all your carrots? Then installing CCTV cameras in relevant positions around the house inside and outside can be an invaluable weapon in identifying the culprits.

Create a video yearbook for far-flung relatives

Your CCTV cameras can help you keep in touch with distant relatives by creating a video of highlights of a year in the life of your family. You could even set up an always-on live stream that friends and family can dip in and out of to see how you’re all doing. It’s a great idea when there are family celebrations that they can’t attend as they can still feel part of the action and you might even become the next big YouTube sensation!

Document your eating habits

Starting a new diet and want to keep an eating diary? Then use your CCTV cameras as a back up to keep you on the straight and narrow. It’s easy to ‘forget’ to write down that sneaky 2am snack, but the camera never lies!

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of CCTV for your home and family then contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.