ANPR Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology reads vehicle registration plates to create location data. ANPR cameras are vital for vehicle surveillance used by both law enforcement and private businesses. 

How does ANPR technology work? 

ANPR converts an image of a number plate into decipherable text using optical character recognition software. The image is received from cameras fitted with ANPR technology. The cameras use built-in ANPR algorithms to detect and capture number plates and store the image into a database. The cameras must be fitted with infra-red sensors to avoid glares and to be able to take clear photos at night. The cameras can be fitted in numerous places such as police vehicles, motorway cameras, car parks, or private property. 

ANPR cameras take a photo of the entire vehicle and then focus on the number plate to extract the text. The picture quality of ANPR cameras differ depending on their goal. Traffic and speed cameras that use ANPR technology need up to 8 megapixels to capture a clear photo. Car parks and high security access points need only 2 megapixels to accurately read the number plates. ANPR cameras are fitted with varifocal lens, anti-glare for headlights, and long-range IR illuminators for number plate recognition up to 40 metres away. 

What triggers an ANPR Camera?

ANPR cameras are incredibly important as missing a single vehicle can directly impact your business. That is why it is important to consider the trigger of your ANPR camera. 

ANPR cameras can be triggered by both hardware and software. Hardware options like the inductive loop, which is triggered by your vehicle driving over a wire, or radar can be considered more reliable over software options. Software options are less intrusive, as they do not require embedding a wire into the road and closing multiple lanes of traffic. Instead, software triggers rely on technology to accurately capture number plate images. 

It is important to consider what your ANPR camera will be required to do for your business to guarantee you choose the right trigger. 

What are the benefits of using ANPR Cameras?

ANPR cameras give added security to your business as you can track all visitors. ANPR cameras decrease the workload on employees. They can also manage whitelist and blacklist vehicles to help control entry. ANPR cameras also negate the need for codes or keys to enter as the technology will automatically keep track.

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