Here at the I-HT blog, we often talk about how CCTV cameras can be used as powerful deterrents. However, not all cameras are meant to be seen. For example, smoke-detector style cameras and certain compact PIR cameras are designed to go completely unnoticed. They are referred to as ‘covert’ CCTV cameras and they can’t act as deterrents for the simple reason that would-be intruders are unlikely to see them. However, covert cameras are indispensable in other ways. In fact, they may be precisely the right tool to protect your business. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the unique benefits of covert cameras to help you decide if you can make use of them.

Thwarting organised criminals

Organised criminals may try to defeat your security system by disabling your HD CCTV cameras or by plotting routes around them. If a camera isn’t noticed, it can’t be avoided or disabled. As a result, covert cameras can record footage of criminals who are smart enough to avoid or tamper with conventional CCTV cameras. You can then use this footage to apprehend them.

Keeping your customers happy

Not all customers, clients and visitors feel comfortable when they can see CCTV cameras. If a large percentage of your customer base are put off by cameras, utilising traditional CCTV cameras may reduce your business’s profitability. Covert CCTV devices can help solve this problem. They are unobtrusive, so even the most camera-shy individual is unlikely to be bothered by them.

Stopping vandals

Highly visible CCTV cameras sometimes attract the attention of petty vandals. While these individuals don’t pose a significant threat to your business (unlike the organised criminals mentioned above), they can be a nuisance. Covert HD CCTV cameras are much less likely to be vandalised.

Are you worried about organised intruders with the ability to avoid or disable CCTV cameras? Are a lot of your customers or employees uncomfortable with highly visible CCTV cameras? Have your cameras been vandalised before? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, covert CCTV cameras might be right for you. Check out our product pages to see some of the covert cameras you could choose.