A and B Transport haulage yard was being targeted regularly by thieves. Jason Hinson, the owner, said his Lorries were being used for spare parts. Thieves had been stealing tyres and other parts like the electrical leads that link the truck to the trailer. In the process, trucks were being damaged causing safety issues and delays. The repairs were costly and time-consuming. Diesel was also being stolen as thieves look to capitalise on all-time high fuel costs.


We recommended a 4-Camera system to provide CCTV coverage across the site. We installed day/night bullet cameras with infrared illumination which gives an 80mtr night observation distance. The cameras are visible so they act as a deterrent and Jason is happy as he can see everyone who comes and goes. The cameras have been positioned for maximum effect so that the CCTV “protects the site, the Lorries and the whole yard where other businesses are too”. One of the cameras focuses specifically on the entrance to the main yard, so if something happens in the yard where the other businesses are Jason can help them to identify their problems too.

Jason likes the system as “it’s very easy to use and ticks all the boxes”. He says it has benefited his business because it monitors everything that’s occurring on the site. He also uses it as a management tool as it allows him to see if the drivers are doing their jobs properly. The drivers have to carry out daily health & safety checks on the Lorries before they leave the yard and this can now be watched on the CCTV monitor in the office. Jason says he can pick it up straight away if the checks aren’t done and take action to make sure they get completed immediately, “it’s helping me with my job, knowing that the boys are doing their job correctly”.

A and B Transport now has 24/7 security protection and since CCTV has been installed, issues of theft and damage have dramatically decreased. An incident did occurred where Jason was away from the site and checked in on the yard remotely using his iPhone app, only to find that one of the lorries was missing and had been stolen. Shortly after reporting it to the Police it was recovered and returned, complete with its load.