The Best Western Heath Court Hotel, along with four other Arlington group hotels (two of which are Best Western branded), located in Norwich, Wroxham, North Walsham, and Swaffham, had CCTV fitted by I-HT in order to reduce opportunist theft and increase security. By their very nature, hotels generally operate an open door policy and it’s therefore very difficult to ensure the security of property and buildings and the safety of Staff and guests. A major concern was to reduce theft and therefore loss of personal property and revenue to the hotels. Mr Easter said “I felt I needed to make sure both staff and customers were safe and secure whilst on each of the premises, with additional knowledge that my own assets are being monitored effectively”.


At Heath Court Hotel, we recommended a CCTV system with a combination of high resolution internal minidome cameras and external infrared day/night bullet cameras, ideal for targeting problem areas such as receptions, kitchens and car parks. Mr Easter says “security is an ever increasing issue and you have to bear in mind safety due to the vulnerability of Staff”, not only does the CCTV “act as a deterrent to potential issues of disorder” but it also increases general observation and awareness.

In addition to the CCTV system, we set-up an internet connection that enables Mr Easter to gain remote internet access not only to The Heath Court Hotel, but also to the CCTV at the four other Arlington group Hotels. Mr Easter stated “we find it extremely beneficial to be able to gain instant remote access to each hotel at any time, it also allows us to be more aware of business flow, security and staff productivity. We are very happy with the quality of installation and also the quality of the images. The system has already been a great benefit to our company.”