HD CCTV cameras are incredibly useful tools if you need to protect your business from intruders and other criminals. However, you may be wondering if it’s better to buy a complete HD CCTV system or if you should simply rent one instead. Both options are equally useful to different types of CCTV user and both have their own particular advantages and disadvantages. In order to help you decide whether renting or buying is better for you, we’ve come up with a list of questions that you should ask yourself. Answering these questions should help you think about your CCTV requirements and pick the option that meets them best.

Do You Need to Protect a Premises Permanently?

Every business site and premises need to be protected while they are active. However, not all sites and premises are permanent. For example, some businesses use temporary offices while looking for premises that suit their needs better. If the site or premises you need to secure isn’t permanent, there’s no point spending money on a security solution that will last for years. Renting a set of HD CCTV cameras is usually the wisest course of action in cases like this. However, if you plan on keeping the premises for years to come, purchasing a CCTV system that you can use indefinitely may be a better idea.

How Often Do You Update or Overhaul Your Security System?

SMEs and start-ups tend to have simpler security needs than larger corporations. As a result, they can continue to use the same CCTV and security system for years. If you run an SME or start-up and intend to keep your core security system for many years, it makes sense to invest in purchasing a HD CCTV system outright so that you can use it for a long time. In contrast, if you run a larger corporation, your security needs are likely to change and evolve constantly. It’s obviously inadvisable to buy a HD CCTV system outright if you plan on replacing it in a few months or years. If this is the case, renting is a better option for you.

Do You Need to Save Money Immediately or in The Long Term?

Purchasing a HD CCTV system outright can save money in the long term, simply because you won’t have to pay to continue to use the system each month. In contrast, a HD CCTV system’s rental fees are obviously lower than its purchase price, so renting can help you save money in the short-term. If you need to save money in the long-term, purchasing a system outright is the best way to do so. If, however, you need to make immediate savings, you should rent instead.

Here at I-HT, we offer high-quality HD CCTV systems to buy or rent. We hope the questions listed in today’s blog help you choose the best option for you. Whichever one you select, we can help. Get in touch with us when you’re ready to rent or buy your next CCTV monitoring system.