Fever Detection CCTV

While there are CCTV technologies that can detect heat levels, their accuracy, speed of measuring, and efficacy are a consideration. Accurate CCTV cameras could help businesses manage their response to COVID-19. 

What is thermal screening?

Thermal screening combines the function of two different everyday tools, a camera and a thermometer, into one. Rather than having to take people’s temperatures manually, thermal screening allows you to monitor several people’s body temperatures at once from a distance. 

How do cameras detect body temperature?

Light and heat are fundamentally connected. This is where we get phrases like ‘white-hot’: when metals are heated to a certain temperature, they emit bright white light. In many ways, humans are the same. We also give off heat, naturally, though not a vast amount. Because we don’t give off as much heat, we do not produce as much visible light as we do infrared radiation.

Infrared is everywhere in the world, but it is not detectable to the human eye or to normal cameras. However, infrared cameras are much more sensitive to these lower wavelengths of radiation. So an infrared camera is able to visually represent how much-infrared radiation a person emits. In other words, the camera can quickly and accurately determine a person’s body temperature. 

How can thermal screening help businesses during Covid-19?

One of the most prominent symptoms of all variants of Coronavirus is fever, expressed through a raised temperature. A fever may be the first symptom people express. Being able to identify potentially febrile employees or visitors early on will rapidly decrease the likelihood of cross-infection within a company, ensuring as many people as possible can stay productive.

I-HT thermal body cameras perform thermal screening efficiently and precisely, with the ability to register up to three people per second, and accuracy of ±0.3°C. We combine these features with their contactless Facial Recognition technology to allow for accurate monitoring on a large scale. This way, you can keep the workplace a safe, secure and smooth-running environment.

To see how our thermal body cameras work in action, contact us TODAY on 01787 220202 or email info@i-ht.co.uk for a free no-obligation CCTV demonstration.