Some business owners tend to feel that CCTV is an unnecessary expense. They may assume they do not need the protection that cameras can offer. Often, CCTV only comes to mind after a theft or loss occurs, when the owner realises that CCTV could have made a difference and prevented the loss. It is always worth making an investment in security. The potential for losses from theft or damage always exists, but CCTV can reduce that risk.

Preventing Loss of Valuable Assets Through Security Measures

SMEs and sole traders are among the most frequent targets for commercial thieves. From work van break-ins to lead and copper thefts, small companies are seen as soft targets which can have big payoffs. For a small company, any loss through theft can be catastrophic. Catching the offenders and getting your tools back, or preventing the theft in the first place, is therefore essential. CCTV cannot guarantee that you won’t be a victim of theft, but it does greatly reduce the risk of losses. Over time, CCTV can therefore save you a great deal in loss costs.

Should You Rent or buy CCTV Systems?

With CCTV installations, you can choose between buying the camera system outright or paying a monthly rental fee. Which option works best for you can only be determined by your security needs. If you need temporary protection for a site, such as during construction work or when high-value goods are being delivered, renting may be better. You can opt to have the camera removed when you no longer need it, and you only pay during the time you use it. Renting can also spread the cost, which is great for small businesses who have a tight budget to consider.

On the other hand, owning the CCTV system gives you full control of it and it becomes an asset for your business. After the initial investment, costs for maintenance and repair should be minimal, and you don’t need to keep paying a rental fee indefinitely.

It is crucial that you select the right option for your needs, or you could be spending more than you need to on CCTV protection. If you would like an accurate and detailed assessment of your security and CCTV needs, speak to our consultants today and let us assist you.

Helps to Cut Insurance Costs

If your premises is protected by CCTV, your insurance company is far more likely to offer you discounts and rewards. The better you can demonstrate your efforts to protect your property, the lower your risk level for the insurer. Customers who install high-quality CCTV systems, at home or at work, often make large savings on their annual premiums. In some cases, these savings can even offset the cost of installing the system!