HC-One which runs care homes across the UK is planning to offer CCTV cameras in communal areas and residents’ rooms, in an opt-in scheme, to help stop abuse, neglect and theft.
The Care Provider conducted a survey which shows 80% support for the move to protect themselves against false allegations of neglect and mistreatment.

The idea of using CCTV in care settings is to root out instances of poor quality care and to act as a deterrent against deliberate bad practices and cruelty. On the other hand, for those providing good quality care and support for residents, it acts as a historical back-up for proving the best care has been provided. This kind of solid evidence can prove invaluable in cases of false allegations.
The Chief Executive of Care England, Professor Martin Green, is backing the decision made by HC-One. He said, “We must always be mindful of the need to protect our citizens from abuse and at the same time, respect their privacy and dignity.”