CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras are used for security in commercial and residential settings and can be hugely beneficial in protecting property and preventing crime. Monitoring systems can be used to view footage from one camera or can connect multiple cameras. Cameras can be supplied with monitors that make them standalone units which are ideal for smaller businesses, or they can be linked wirelessly to a monitor which may connect to multiple cameras, both inside and outside. The images on a monitor are recorded to DVR or videotape so that you have a record.

What Makes Up a CCTV Camera?

CCTV systems are made up of a camera, its lens, the monitor (or monitors) and videotape or recording equipment, as appropriate. The camera works like a video camera but if it is fitted with a zoom lens and motor it can zoom in and out automatically. When choosing the appropriate CCTV system for your business, it is worth considering whether zoom will be required and, if so, for what distance. Different cameras can zoom to different distances depending on its lens.

Remote CCTV Systems and Monitoring Centres

Remote systems enable you to set up cameras around your business, site or building, and for images from all cameras to be shown together at a single monitoring centre. If you choose to operate these manually all of the time, the person operating the camera can zoom in on any suspicious activity before deciding what needs to be done.

CCTV systems and monitoring centres are specialist centres set up to monitor CCTV systems and arrange for appropriate action if required. This action may include an audio warning to any person carrying out suspicious activity, or an alert sent to emergency services. Choosing to outsource CCTV monitoring to a specialist monitoring centre allows for cover 365 days a year, 7 days a week and for 24 hours a day, leaving you with more time to operate your business.

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