Shoplifting Prevention with CCTV

Shops face a large range of challenges on a daily basis. A constant flow of customers can leave shops at particular risk of theft.

Benefits of CCTV for Retail Stores

The benefits of having CCTV in shops can improve safety and security for customers, employees and business owners alike.

  • A preventative tool – reduction in incidents as people know they are being recorded
    helping staff and customers feel safer
  • Helping staff to know when a customer is waiting and needs assistance
  • Enabling you to collect evidence when an incident takes place
  • Assist business owners to manage by being able to see customers are being attended to and work being carried out.

In the past poor picture quality made it unreliable but now, HD precision CCTV is affordable, reliable and more than 5 times sharper than traditional analogue systems. Not only does it provide a valuable safety and security system but it also provides you with an excellent tool to manage the business

CCTV Works 24/7 

CCTV works around the clock. This means that it captures suspicious activity whether it’s occurring first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Cost-effective Solution To Prevent Shoplifting

CCTV is relativity low-cost. As well, there are different systems to meet people’s budgets. It can also be rented if this is more preferable. Meanwhile, if you were to employ a security guard you would most likely find that his salary greatly exceeds the cost of CCTV.

CCTV Cameras Are Easy to Setup and Maintain

You won’t have much hassle with CCTV. Instead, you can trust that it is working throughout the day without your involvement. I-HT’s team of engineers will be there from the start to set you and get you protected as quickly and efficiently as possible and can also provide regular servicing packages to ensure your system never goes down. 

Provides 4K High-Resolution CCTV Footage

Anyone knows that when it comes to CCTV, identifying those involved can be tricky if you do not have a high enough resolution in your camera. I-HT Cameras are all HD quality making the footage crisp and clear, enabling you to effectively identify anyone who breaches the perimeter of your property. It, therefore, acts as a deterrent because any would-be trespassers should see the cameras beforehand and decide not to act. With our HD CCTV systems they provide pictures 7 times clearer than previous analogue systems

Features of I-HT CCTV

  • Live HD CCTV for life-like picture quality (almost 5 times sharper than traditional analogue systems)
  • Real-time playback with timeline and smart search functions
  • Built-in Static IP address so no need for additional payments for static broadband connection if you don’t already have one.
  • A full 4-year equipment warranty – we’ll come out and replace if you have any equipment issues.
  • High-quality day/night cameras automatically switch from colour to low-light black & white using built-in infrared illumination allowing filming in total darkness.
  • A free mobile viewer App to view from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Workmanship guarantee on all installations
  • Impeccable ongoing support & technical help

If you would like more information on our installs, please get in touch here for a free quote or free site survey:

Anyone who owns a business will know that security is of the utmost importance. But what is really the best way to protect your property or business? If you are still racking your brain for an answer, then look no further. That’s because CCTV trumps all other security measures for a long list of reasons. In fact, here are some of the ways that such a surveillance system is the perfect option for you and your property.

Zoltan Serfozo
Zoltan Serfozo
Absolute super service and great experience. Lee was very helpful from start to finish and all engineers done a superb job. From getting in touch for the first time to all the way up to completion everything went super easy and super smooth. Constant communication and a very experienced, professional team. The new CCTV system is running like a dream. Can't recommend them enough. Many Thanks guys
Stuart Orrin
Stuart Orrin
we've used these guys for several years to install and maintain our security cameras and always found them straightforward and easy to deal with - definitely recommended
stu dunston
stu dunston
We have used I-HT before on our previous install of CCTV and after 3 years of flawless service we decided to upgrade. One phone call we got rough idea of cost and survey date. The Chap turned up on time, run through the options and spec’d a great system which turned out to be great value when checked on the internet. The Installation team turned up on time as promised, and fitted system with minimum disruption to our office, everything was left tidy and run though the use. A check up phone a week later to ensure we were happy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 5 Stars