Social Housing CCTV

It is important that housing associations remain safe, comfortable places to live, free of crime and anti-social behaviour. CCTV is the key to ensuring this, providing peace of mind to landowners and tenants alike.

What kinds of problems can housing associations face?

Housing associations are residence to many different kinds of people, some of whom may be vulnerable. This makes problems like anti-social behaviour even more pressing, as without surveillance these issues can become repeated or targeted. Moreover, nuisance behaviour puts strain on communities. These problems are difficult and potentially dangerous to deal with individually, but calling the authorities can also be stressful and time-consuming. The last thing anyone wants is for their living space to become somewhere they constantly feel unsafe.

Why is fly-tipping such a big issue?

Fly-tipping is another problem for housing associations, and larger than you might think. For one it is unsightly and often unclean. If some fly-tipping occurs but is left ignored, it will tend to attract more fly-tippers, meaning it has to be acted on fast before it gets out of control. An increase in fly-tipping has been reported in the UK over the last few years, and the problem is not showing any signs of slowing. It is also expensive to clear up, costing up to tens of thousands of pounds per year. Furthermore, most other forms of deterrence may not be as long-lasting, racking up the cost even more. 

How can I-HT CCTV help?

There is one form of deterrence, however, that solves all these problems. I-HT CCTV is the most effective way to ward off and prevent unlawful behaviour around housing associations. It is reasonably priced and highly efficient, keeping maintenance costs at bay. Operative 24/7 and sending real-time alerts when any suspicious behaviour is detected, landowners do not have to waste their time supervising the property themselves. Our CCTV also provides 4K resolution coverage, so it can help identify numbers of perpetrators as well as their identities. This helps co-operation with the authorities and puts an end to these behaviours much more quickly.

Our polite and professional customer service makes I-HT CCTV easy to install, and can provide any and all housing associations the safety and security they deserve. If you are interested at all and would like to discuss your options, contact us today at 01787 220202  or for a free no-obligation quote.