CCTV Installation

I-HT supplies and installs CCTV systems. We provide all the advice and support you require to ensure your CCTV installation runs smoothly. The important thing to remember is that a system purchased or leased with ourselves is fully installed, fully supported and completely flexible.

Fully installed includes all wiring, power requirements, camera setup and on-site training from our engineer. We can also set up remote viewing of your surveillance cameras so you can view live or recorded CCTV on a monitor, wi-fi laptop, iPhone, iPad or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Fully supported includes full technical advice and back-up, telephone support and guaranteed replacements of any part of your CCTV system for up to 4 years, usually within a 48 hour period.

Individual Specification.  Systems individually tailored to the needs and requirements.

Completely flexible means all our leasing options can be adapted to suit your requirements and budget. You can add extra cameras, upgrade existing equipment, and move equipment so as things change within your environment, your security needs can be update as well. Large or small we have a digital CCTV system that is suitable for you.

In the past few years the need for CCTV for the home or business has dramatically increased due to its proven ability to increase security. This is especially highlighted by the development of wireless CCTV systems, remote access via an internet connection and a range of cameras for any application and environment.

CCTV Systems & Cameras

Wired CCTV systems are suitable for a permanent set-up, usually for one location or building that requires constant monitoring. Most fully integrated wired CCTV systems comprise of internal and external cameras with infrared capabilities for night vision and motion detection.

Wireless CCTV systems are perfect for a more flexible and remote set-up. More people are turning to wireless cameras as a cost-effective security solution for their home or business. They offer a discreet installation with no visible wires and the latest wireless cameras are secure, free of interference from household and electrical devices, and offer crystal clear video and audio.

Night-Vision Cameras have automatically retractable infrared cut filters for night-vision, making them suitable for low light areas and not just for use at night time. The night vision image will be in black and white for improved contrast and image detailing but these cameras switch back to colour in higher levels of light.

Covert Cameras look like other items such as an internal PIR (presence detector) or smoke detector and offer recordings without anyone knowing.

Dummy Cameras look like cameras but are not actually cameras. They may act as a deterrent but if an incident occurs you won't have a recording of events.

Some of the benefits you can expect with one of our CCTV systems are improved recording and quality playback, better file compression and continuous recording on hard disk, even when you are searching or downloading data.

So to make sure you’re getting the best advice, the best products and excellent value for money on your CCTV installation, contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0800 731 3276 or email

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