CCTV Installation (Lease or Purchase)

Our CCTV Installations suit your space and your budget with ALL our CCTV systems available as purchased or leased options.

Our CCTV systems are flexible, adaptable, and scalable. They are fully tailored for your requirements. At I-HT we constantly find ways to keep prices low for our customers whilst never losing out on quality.

Being able to remotely monitor CCTV, for example, is a cost-effective way of providing live, on-the-ground protection around the clock without the costs associated with 24-hour manned surveillance.

Unrivalled Knowledge and Support

We have a strong experienced team who have been providing outstanding customer service for over 29 years, expertly and seamlessly installing CCTV systems to many homes and businesses. We always provide solid and knowledgeable advice and support to ensure you make the right choice in your CCTV.

Our FREE No-obligation Site survey allows us to take into consideration your security issues and requirements. It allows us to review your space, what can be achieved via wired or wireless options, what functionality you require, identification and observation, customer and staff management, remote location, health and safety, personal safety and so much more.

Full Range of CCTV Installation Options

  • We install wired and wireless CCTV systems with remote access via an internet connection and a huge range of cameras for any application and environment.
  • We provide new CCTV systems and upgrade existing CCTV systems to broaden your viewing and recording capabilities.
  • We can reach lone buildings via wireless technology, provide CCTV systems for 24 hr manned operation, and deliver the capability to operate your CCTV systems remotely.
  • We install heat-sensing cameras, night vision cameras with full colour, Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) and IP Cameras.

CCTV Installation

The need for CCTV for homes and businesses has dramatically increased due to its proven ability to increase security and offer peace of mind. Make sure you are getting the best advice, the best products and the best value for money on your CCTV installation. Contact our team today to discuss exactly what you want on 01787 220202 or email to book a free no-obligation CCTV demonstration.