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    Commercial CCTV Installation

    Join the hundreds of other business owners across the UK who benefit from:

    24/7 Recording

    Cameras that protect your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Real-Time Alerts

    You’ll be notified when changes happen, such as intrusions, scene changes and large crowds.

    Live-View Cameras

    View all camera feeds from anywhere, live.

    Watch On Any Device

     Integrate with a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, PCs and more.

    Easy To Use

    Designed to be user-friendly, our CCTV systems are intended to be used by everyone.

    Real Customer Service

    Whenever you have a question or concern about your system, we’re here to help.

    Full 4K Quality

    We work to ensure that when your CCTV is really needed, the picture is high-definition and clear.

    Lower Crime Rate

    CCTV cameras act as a proven deterrent, lowering the potential of crime committed on your property.

    Prioritise Efficiency With I-HT CCTV

    We understand that as a business owner, your priority is protecting your business, employees and customers. If you’re considering CCTV for business, or are curious about the benefits, we know you are already thinking about potential risks. 

    Every second that passes while you’re not protected by CCTV presents a danger, which is why we won’t make you wait an excessively long time to get CCTV fully installed and functioning in your business.

    As soon as you submit your details to our form, we’ll work on getting back to you. Don’t leave it a second longer, click the button below and get a free no-obligation quote on CCTV today.

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    Commercial CCTV System Installation

    Our team of business CCTV experts design and install CCTV systems that cover all vulnerabilities in full 4K definition. All of our surveillance cameras come with industry-leading night vision technology which allows cameras to record footage in low light levels. The quality of our cameras means that footage can be used for evidence in prosecution, should you ever need it.  

    Unrivalled Knowledge and Support

    We have a strong, experienced team who have been providing outstanding customer service for over 32 years, expertly and seamlessly installing CCTV systems to many homes and businesses. We always provide solid and knowledgeable advice and support to ensure you make the right choice in your CCTV.

    Our FREE No-obligation Site survey allows us to take into consideration your security issues and requirements. It allows us to review your space, what can be achieved via wired or wireless options, what functionality you require, identification and observation, customer and staff management, remote location, health and safety, personal safety, and so much more.

    CCTV Installation (Lease or Purchase)

    Our CCTV Installations suit your space and your budget with ALL our CCTV systems available as purchased or leased options.

    Our CCTV systems are flexible, adaptable, and scalable. They are fully tailored for your requirements. At I-HT we constantly find ways to keep prices low for our customers whilst never losing out on quality.

    Being able to remotely monitor CCTV, for example, is a cost-effective way of providing live, on-the-ground protection around the clock without the costs associated with 24-hour manned surveillance.

    Servicing and Maintenance plans tailored to you

    Whilst installing commercial CCTV systems deters a percentage of criminals, they are not a failsafe. We offer our customers a comprehensive support package for ongoing maintenance and service, so you are always protected, especially when you need it most.


    Contact us for more information or learn more about our CCTV maintenance plans here.


    Zoltan Serfozo
    Zoltan Serfozo
    Absolute super service and great experience. Lee was very helpful from start to finish and all engineers done a superb job. From getting in touch for the first time to all the way up to completion everything went super easy and super smooth. Constant communication and a very experienced, professional team. The new CCTV system is running like a dream. Can't recommend them enough. Many Thanks guys
    Stuart Orrin
    Stuart Orrin
    we've used these guys for several years to install and maintain our security cameras and always found them straightforward and easy to deal with - definitely recommended
    stu dunston
    stu dunston
    We have used I-HT before on our previous install of CCTV and after 3 years of flawless service we decided to upgrade. One phone call we got rough idea of cost and survey date. The Chap turned up on time, run through the options and spec’d a great system which turned out to be great value when checked on the internet. The Installation team turned up on time as promised, and fitted system with minimum disruption to our office, everything was left tidy and run though the use. A check up phone a week later to ensure we were happy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 5 Stars