Keep Your Farm Safe Protect Your Farm With Smart 4K CCTV
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    CCTV For Farms High quality 4K farm security cameras

    Join the other farm owners who benefit from our:

    Real-Time Alerts

    Get notified of scene changes, intrusions & more – direct to your phone

    Full 4K Definition

    Capture every little detail in full 4K (perfect for giving police evidence)

    Fully Waterproof & Weather-Resistant

    Your CCTV system will record 4K footage through all weather conditions

    Night Vision

    Criminals are more likely to strike at night, and our CCTV will be there to stop them

    24/7 Recordings

    Never miss a thing – you farm will be fully protected day and night

    Live View Cameras

    See everything that happens on your farm from anywhere in the world

    Simple To Use

    If you can use a mobile phone, you’ll have no problems with our CCTV

    Real Human Help

    If you ever get stuck, you can call us and get through to a real human being

    Works On Your Devices

    View your cameras on your current TVs, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, monitors etc.

    Prevents Criminal Acts

    The mere presence of a solid CCTV system is proven to reduce criminal acts

    Don’t Wait Until It Happens To Your Farm. Get Fully Protected Now, Before They Strike!

    Unprotected farms are being heavily targeted by money-hungry criminals in the UK.

    They’re finding it far too easy to simply turn up at night and take whatever they want.

    They know you can’t physically protect your farm 24 hours per day, but they also know messing with a farm who has a fully integrated Smart Surveillance System is a BIG mistake.

    Don’t let your farm be easy pickings for the thieves. Get a surveillance system that protects your farm all day and night – so you don’t have to.

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    Highly Rated Company

    We have been installing CCTV in farms for over three decades and have built up a remarkable reputation across the UK.


    Long (4 Year) Warranty

    We don’t expect our equipment to break. That’s why our guarantee is 3 times longer than many other CCTV companies.

    customer support

    Real Customer Support

    If you ever need help or advice, give us a call. You’ll get through to a real human who can actually help, fast.

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    Join The Other Happy Farm Owners Who Sleep Sound At Night Knowing They’re Protected

    cctv on mobile phoneStandard CCTV cameras might record a crime being committed, but they don’t give you the power to do anything about it.

    The advanced AI technology built into our surveillance systems gives you real-time intrusion alerts 24/7.

    Anytime suspicious behaviour occurs on your farm, you’ll get an alert sent direct to your smartphone – giving you time to live view your cameras and react when it counts.

    The recordings could also be used as evidence, as the 4K footage quality leaves very little up for discussion. Plus our advanced night vision technology means you won’t miss a thing!

    And when it comes to ease-of-use…

    “If you can use a mobile phone, you can use our CCTV surveillance system”

    Don’t wait until a criminal strikes, get protected fast with a fully managed CCTV surveillance system that is specifically designed for your farm.

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