Keep Your Stables Safe Protect your horses with smart 4K CCTV
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    CCTV For Horse Stables Equestrian CCTV Security Systems For Horse Stables & Barns

    Join the other stables who benefit from our:

    Real Time Alerts

    You’ll be immediately notified of scene changes, intrusions, large gatherings & more

    Full 4K Definition

    The crystal clear quality leaves nothing up for discussion

    24/7 Recordings

    Your horses and yard will be fully protected 24-hours per day

    Live View Cameras

    See your horses from any given location in real time live view

    Easy To Use

    Even the biggest technophobe can operate our CCTV systems with ease

    Real Customer Service

    Any time you have a question or concern, we’ll be here to help

    View On Multiple Devices

    Easily integrates with your TVs, mobile phones, monitors, tablets, PCs and more

    Stops Crime Happening

    Criminals target stables without adequate CCTV systems, don’t let it be yours

    Weather Resistance

    Your CCTV cameras will work perfectly through any weather conditions

    Night Vision

    Bad guys don’t stop at night, and neither will your 4K CCTV coverage

    Don’t Let Criminals Strike Protect Your Stables Now!

    Horses and tack cost thousands of pounds. That’s why criminals specifically seek them out to steal.

    Whether it’s theft or malicious attacks – you can’t always be there to protect your horses. But you can react when it matters using our real-time alerts and live view CCTV cameras.

    Keep your stables safe 24/7 with 4K CCTV cameras with night vision and virtual tripwires that alert you anytime suspicious behaviour occurs.

    Don’t put off getting protection for a second longer, get in touch with us now and learn how we can help.

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    29 Years of Experience

    We’ve been installing CCTV systems in horse stables for over 29 years and know exactly how to set up your cameras for maximum protection.


    4-Year Warranty

    Our warranty is up to 3 times longer than you’ll find elsewhere because our equipment is considerably more robust and far more reliable.

    customer support

    Fast-Acting Support

    We’ve got real CCTV experts operating the phones and ready to help. There’s no call centres here, just fast acting and friendly support.

    Quotes Are Fast, Free & Come With No Obligation

    Talk To Our Horse Stable CCTV Experts

    cctv on mobile phoneMany customers come to us after using another CCTV company and finding out they aren’t really protected. And if that sounds like the situation you’re in – you’re going to be very glad you landed on our website.

    We’ve been installing CCTV systems in horse stables for over 29 years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to the best way to keep your horses and equipment safe.

    Our service is fully managed, meaning we don’t just set up some cameras and leave you to get on with it. Instead, we’ll be there to help with everything you’ll ever need. That’s why countless other horse stables across the UK now depend on our surveillance cameras to keep their horses and property safe.

    They sleep sound at night knowing their horses are fully protected by 4K CCTV cameras with night vision technology and intrusion alerts.

    When the bad guys decide to strike, they’ll get a phone alert the second it happens – giving them enough time to react and stop any damage.

    The best part? You don’t even have to be in the same country to get the alerts, as it’s sent via the internet. This means you really are protected 24/7, no matter where you are.

    “If you can use a mobile phone, you can use our CCTV system”

    Another common issue customers have with completing services is the complexity of the surveillance system. Which is why we developed ours to be as easy to use as possible.

    You don’t need to be a technical wiz to use our CCTV system – you just need a smartphone.

    If you’d like to see for yourself just how easy and powerful our CCTV systems are, click on the button below to request a call back and we will show you free of charge (with no obligation).