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    Construction Site CCTV Installation Surveillance Security Systems For Building Sites

    Join the other construction sites who benefit from our:

    24/7 Recordings

    Your building site will be fully protected 24-hours per day

    Live View Cameras

    See your construction site from any given location in real time live view

    Real Time Alerts

    You’ll be immediately notified of scene changes, intrusions, large gatherings & more

    Full 4K Definition

    The crystal clear quality leaves nothing up for discussion

    Easy To Use

    Even the biggest technophobe can operate our CCTV system with ease

    Real Customer Service

    Any time you have a question or concern about your sites CCTV, we’ll be here to help

    View On Multiple Devices

    Easily integrates with your TVs, monitors, mobile phones, tablets, PCs and more

    Stops Crime Happening

    Criminals target construction sites without adequate CCTV systems, don’t let it be yours

    Don’t Let Criminals Strike Protect Your Site Now!

    Theft, arson and vandalism cost the construction industry millions of pounds per year. Don’t let your site fall victim to criminals who want to steal or damage your property.

    We’ve helped prevent countless criminals breaking in and stealing expensive plant vehicles for construction sites across the UK and fully understand the importance of having a reliable CCTV system in place that records footage in high enough quality to be used as evidence for prosecution 24/7.

    Every second that passes while you’re not covered leaves you vulnerable to attack, which is why we waste no time in getting your CCTV fully installed and protecting your site.

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    29 Years of Experience

    Our expert team has been installing construction surveillance cameras for over 29 years and know exactly how to best set up your CCTV to protect your site.


    4-Year Warranty

    All of our CCTV cameras come with a 4-year warranty as standard, which is up to 3 years longer than other CCTV companies offer! Why? Because we don’t expect ours to break.

    customer support

    Fast-Acting Support

    If you have any issues with your security cameras whatsoever, you can call our support team on 01787 220 202 and speak to a real human being who will get it fixed fast.

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    Contact Our Construction Site CCTV Experts

    cctv on mobile phoneWith over 29 years of experience providing construction site CCTV solutions, our team are here to help you with any construction or demolition project you may need security for.

    We offer a fully managed site security solution that’s trusted by countless construction sites across the UK. Our customers love having the peace of mind that their sites are being protected day and night by 4K CCTV cameras with remarkable night vision technology and real-time intrusion alerts.

    If something suspicious starts happening on your construction site, you’ll be immediately alerted on your mobile phone and able to see in real time what’s going on. This allows you to prevent crimes before they happen and minimise any possible damages.

    And what’s more, we have designed our construction site CCTV systems to be as user-friendly as possible – meaning you’ll be able to fully operate your surveillance cameras with little to no technical knowledge.

    “If you can use a mobile phone, you can use our CCTV system”

    If you have any questions or would like to receive a free no obligation quote, our friendly support team are always happy to help. Simply click on the button below, fill out your contact details, and a member of our team will call you back, fast.