CCTV Maintenance & Servicing

At I-HT we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and have been providing regular cost-effective maintenance packages to our customers for many years.

We carry out full checks on our CCTV systems at your premises at times to suit you, giving you the peace of mind that when called upon your CCTV will be operating at full potential.

Regular Maintenance For Police CCTV Compliance

To comply with UK police requirements for digital CCTV, your system should be routinely maintained. The Home Office states that regular maintenance should be conducted on all aspects of the system including camera focus, date/time settings & electronic watermarking.

For CCTV recordings to be effective in detecting and investigating crime they must be fit for purpose:

  • CCTV recordings must be easily accessible by police investigators.
  • The system clock should be set correctly & maintained (considering GMT & BST).
  • Time & date information is critical to an investigation. If it is incorrect it can drain police time & resources.
  • To ensure the continued quality of recording it is essential to regularly service all areas of the system – especially cable runs, connections, alignment and camera focus, cleaning of lenses, housings, DVR date/time settings and playback recording period.

Find out more about Police Compliance Here.

The Importance of Ongoing Maintenance.

Preventative maintenance of your CCTV system will also increase the life expectancy of equipment, significantly reduce unwanted breakdowns, and provide total peace of mind. It is also important that CCTV maintenance must be planned and organised in advance and not carried out on an ad hoc basis. If regular maintenance is not carried out, the system may eventually fail to meet its Operational Requirement (OR). If the system is not maintained the system gets dirty causing poor usability, the consumables wear-causing poor performance and parts fail. Also, weather damage can cause wear and incorrect coverage and any deliberate damage or environmental changes can go undetected.

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