Keep Your Tenants Safe Protecting Social Housing With Smart 4K CCTV
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    CCTV For Social Housing Surveillance Security Systems For Public Housing

    Protect your tenants with:

    Live Alerts

    When the AI detects suspicious behaviour, you’ll get notified right away – giving you time to react before it’s too late

    Full 4K Footage

    The crystal-clear footage allows you to capture every little detail in 4K definition – leaving nothing up for discussion

    Weather & Waterproof Cameras

    You’ll get full 4K footage that can be used as evidence whatever the weather. And the built-in AI won’t send false alarms for: wind, rain, snow or hail

    Remarkable Night Vision

    Most criminals know night vision isn’t very good on CCTV, so they’ll have quite the unpleasent shock when they realise yours captures more than they thought possible!

    Round The Clock Recordings

    Crime doesn’t stop during certain hours, and neither will your smart CCTV surveillance systems recordings

    Watch Footage Live

    No matter where you are, you’ll be able to view your CCTV footage live at the tap of a button

    User-Friendly Design

    You’ll have no trouble getting your head around the new CCTV system when you use I-HT

    Real Customer Support

    Tired of speaking to machines? You’ll get through to a real human who can actually help when you call 01787 220 202 (try it now and see for yourself)

    Connects To Your Existing Devices

    You can view your cameras on your current PCs, Tvs, mobiles, tablets and more

    Stops Criminal Acts

    You’ll be able to react the instant something happens thanks to the live view cameras

    Don’t Let It Happen Again Help your tenants go about their lives without the fear of crime!

    Installing smart surveillance systems in social housing sites is proven to have an almost magical effect on the crime rates

    Vandalism, anti-social behaviour, violent crimes, fly-tipping, burglaries and more are all significantly reduced when the likelihood of getting caught goes through the roof

    That’s why our smart surveillance systems give you real-time alerts anytime suspicious behaviour occurs. Giving you the power to ensure they get caught and minimise any damage they would have caused

    Don’t let the good tenants lose another moment sleep over a few bad apples. Get them protected by a smart 4K surveillance system with AI integration and night vision technology by clicking on the button below

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    5 Star CCTV Company

    We’ve helped countless housing associations reduce their crime rates


    4 Year Warranty

    We don’t expect it to break, so our warranties are up to 3X longer than other companies

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    Real Human Help

    We’ve got real experts waiting by the phone to help answer any questions you may have

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    You’ll Wonder How You Ever Slept Without It

    cctv on mobile phoneMany housing associations have an existing CCTV system that’s not doing enough to protect the tenants.

    Burglaries, anti-social behaviour, vandalism and more will not stop with standard CCTV, as they’re experienced enough to know when to cover their faces.

    But when you’ve got a smart surveillance system that’ll help you report the crime as it’s happening – they’ll not only start getting caught more often, they’ll start getting caught in the act.

    And believe me, it doesn’t take long before word catches on about your security response times.

    We’ll design a network of cameras around your premises to ensure tenants are fully protected, without being overly intrusive.

    And anytime the cameras pick up on suspicious activity, you’ll get instantly notified – no matter where you are.

    Plus, when it comes to ease of use – even the biggest technophobes have had no issue mastering our straightforward app (and if you ever have a question, we would be more than happy to help!)

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