Starlight Technology CCTV

Is Starlight CCTV Better Than Ordinary Night Vision Cameras?

This new technology needs to be seen to be believed, it takes night vision CCTV to a whole new level. Starlight provides a full-colour picture, even when the human eye would suggest it is just about completely dark.

How Does Starlight CCTV Work? 

Night-Vision Cameras have automatically retractable infrared cut filters for night-vision, making them suitable for low light areas and also for use during the day. The night vision image would usually be in black and white for improved contrast and image detailing and switch back to colour in higher levels of light.

Dahua offers four low-light technology tiers, Basic Starlight, Enhanced Starlight, Starlight+ and Night Color Technology to make it easy to choose the correct camera that fits your needs and budget.

Specifying a security camera for low-light environments isn’t a one size fits all solution. Each application has its own set of challenges, lighting constraints and budget requirements.

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