TiOC — Active Deterrence

What is TiOC — Active Deterrence Technology 

TiOC denotes ‘Three in One Camera’. The three-in-one refers to its triad of features combining full colour 24/7 monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one simple solution. The technology built into the camera is designed to identify and warn off potential intruders, mitigating risk, saving lives and loss of theft. 

Full Colour 24/7 Monitoring

A camera with 24/7 full-colour monitoring can deliver accurate, high res images both day and night in full colour. This technology significantly enhances the ability to identify intruders as it’s able to provide clearly lit images even in the darkest of areas. Unlike starlight technology which switches to Infrared at certain light levels, TiOC is able to remain visible around the clock due to its AI functions.

Active Deterrence

Due to the full-colour monitoring, the camera is able to identify intruders accurately. Once an intruder is identified, this is where active deterrence comes into play. Without the need for human input, the camera can warn off intruders with red and blue flashing lights, sirens or recorded voices and then immediately alert the owners in real-time while providing visual verification of the intruder. As the cameras are IPC-supported, it also allows for two-way communication, so once you’ve been alerted, you can confront the intruder and let them know of your presence. You can also disarm and reset the entire system with one tap of a button

AI — Artificial Intelligence

Through very advanced AI functions, the camera’s false detection rate is <1%. This is because of a sophisticated algorithm whereby the camera is able to eliminate alarms by irrelevant objects and only focus on those made by cars or humans. Users can map out locations, which is particularly good for rural locations, creating a perimeter in which the camera can track anything that enters and exits.

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