AI Object Detection

How Does AI Object Detection CCTV Work? 

Our high-quality 4K CCTV systems provide life and recorded 4K CCTV pictures in unparalleled detail, providing incredibly clear evidence for verification of incidents.

It allows you to analyse the CCTV images to see exactly what has or is taking place and can be particularly useful for larger sites like warehouses, factories, plants and shopping centres.

What Can AI Object Detection CCTV Cameras Track? 

(VMDs) are a very basic form of video analytic process. Just as an algorithm can be written to detect motion, so can many other algorithms be written to detect other specific behaviours within the scene view of the video camera.

  • An object placed in the scene by a person and left behind
  • Object removed (e.g. painting on a wall)
  • Loitering behaviour
  • A person going in one specific direction (entering through an exit way)
  • Object or person entering a defined detection zone
  • Object or person leaving a defined detection zone
  • Person, vehicle, or object stopping
  • Fence trespassing detection
  • Automatic, autonomous PTZ tracking of a detected moving object, person, or vehicle

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