Client: Kirstie Duncan

Location: Suffolk

I’m happy to recommend them to others and have already passed on their details

Who are Fieldens?

Fieldens was established in the early 1980’s and is an independent tyre and wheel supplier. They’re based outside of Stowmarket in Suffolk and can serve any customer across the UK. They specialize in providing wheels and tyres to all types of agricultural vehicles down to small trailers as well as for personal vehicles.

In 2018, OTR, an American-owned tyre company purchased Fieldens, forming Fieldens OTR Ltd. OTR was keen to expand its business in the agricultural tyre business in the UK.


I-HT were asked to look at providing a solution to look at covering main areas of the site with CCTV coverage to monitor day to day operations as well as provide a high level of security for the site. An initial number of nine cameras were proposed which would provide coverage for all highlighted areas, with enough capacity left within the scope of supply to add cameras when they look at developing the site in the future.


To provide a higher level of security to entrance and main access areas, we installed the new Active Deterrence (TiOC) cameras into these areas. Once these cameras are installed and set up with either Virtual Tripwires or Intrusion Zones, they will not only provide a real time alert to the CCTV user that an event alarm has been triggered during set time parameters but these cameras will also flash blue and red lights and sound a very loud alarm if required.

Advanced wireless bridges allow to us monitor all areas around the many remote buildings that would have proven very difficult using traditional cable methods. As there were two areas from which the system needed to be monitored, we installed additional monitor interface viewing boxes into these areas which allow our customer full accessibility of the CCTV system independently in each of these areas.

What the Customer Said About our Services

After the installation Fieldens business manager Kirstie added that…

“The first consultation visit was very thorough and clear, the system is brilliant and camera images are very clear. I-HT were very professional and excellent value for money. The engineers Mark and Sam were a pleasure to have on site, both of them professional, courteous & very thorough. I’m happy to recommend them to others and have already passed on their details.”