Client: Hunwick Engineering - Gosfield

Location: Gosfield, Essex

Date: 04/03/2020

I would recommend I-HT for their all-round excellent customer service.

Hunwick Engineering Ltd is a company that trades under the name of Transporter and is situated within 300 acres of a disused airfield on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Gosfield. They have been designing and building vehicle transporters on the site since 1992 but their linage can chase back to 1911.

The Requirement

They were looking for a very comprehensive system for general security purposes and to meet with their health and safety requirements. There are many buildings of varying sizes around the entirety of the site and we could see the initial infrastructure of the CCTV design was going to be somewhat of a challenge.

The Solution

The system comprises of around 45 cameras many of them utilising wireless bridges all linked back to a central monitoring station. A Number Plate Recognition camera was installed at the entrance to provide a detailed log of all vehicular traffic.

Barry Poulter from Transporter claimed that from the start to the finish the original specification of the and installation of the CCTV system was very good and added “that the communication was excellent from the offset as was the equipment that was suitably tailored to meet with our requirements”.

Mr Poulter also added “I received excellent customer service from the representative Sean and the installation team were also so friendly, knowledgeable and amenable.

“I would certainly recommend I-HT for their CCTV experience and all-round excellent customer service”.