Client: David Terry

Location: Braintree, Essex

Date: 01/05/2020

We have a good camera system we are happy with and the cost is fair and reasonable, you can spread the cost over a choice of periods to fit your budget and at the end of the period you own the hardware or have the option to upgrade.

Paul Anton are based in Braintree, Essex and are one of the UK’s most reputable suppliers of UPS systems and have over 30 years’ experience in the power protection industry.

The Requirement

CEO David Terry was looking for a high quality system to provide total peace of mind for the security of the building and to ensure all health and safety practises are being carried out. There were 4 analogue cameras already installed at the premises only really providing coverage to the front and a small area to the side of the property.

Greater coverage of the complete perimeter of the property in a much higher quality of images than this existing analogue system currently in place provided. It was also requested that the main gated entrance was covered so that area could be monitored in great clarity day and night.

The Solution

A total of 5 static 4K cameras were proposed which provided full coverage of the perimeter of the building with an added internal camera positioned inside the foyer to monitor any visitors to the premises.

To monitor the gated entrance that is around 35 meters from where the camera is positioned, a 4 Megapixel 30x Zoom – Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera was used.

Mr Terry went on to add: ” I was Offered good advise and a demo, all in all a very trustworthy and ethical company to deal with. Subject to our business finances and if the weather improves, we shall also look at having Air Conditioning installed which I-HT also provide”. Not long after the system was installed Mr Terry added “We recently caught some rogue on camera middle of night stealing catalytic converters off vans…”.