Client: John & Veronica Evans

Location: Tiptree

Date: 13/02/2020

System is brilliant, we were unsure at first how to use it but a quick call to telephone support really helped us out.

John and Veronica live in Tiptree, Essex in their dream home and are often taking themselves on holiday to the Norfolk coast. It was always a worry not being able to see if their home was safe and secure when away from home.

The Requirement

John and Veronica wanted to have a system installed to monitor the perimeter and all access points to their property whilst they spend time away from their home.

As this is a new build property, it was imperative to Mr & Mrs Wilson that the aesthetics of the property were considered and that no cabling was visible both inside and outside of the property.

The Solution

3 ultra HD static cameras were installed on the front, rear and side of the property, these were of the ‘Turret’ style which installed near to the fascias and the cables were routed directly into the loft area. The cameras blended in very well with the style of the property and no cables were visible.

As it was decided that as Mr & Mrs Wilson would only monitor the CCTV system on their mobile phones and tablet and that no monitor was required, the Network recorder was sited in the loft area. This presented another challenge on how we would connect the NVR situated in the loft to the braodband router situated in the living room on the other side of the property.

Luckily in the loft there was a plug socket which was connected to the properties ring main for the electrical sockets. This allowed us to connect the NVR to a Powerline Adapter which was plugged into the socket in the loft. Another Powerline Adapter was plugged into a socket in close proximity to the router and then connect to the router.

Mr & Mrs Wilson went on to say  ‘From start to finish, everything was done on time as quoted, really good product and very pleased with the set up’.