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A pet is an important member of the family and choosing a pet care provider can be a difficult decision. Adding Live HD CCTV cameras which allow customers to view their pets from their mobile devices will set you aside from your competition.

Your customers will be reassured by being able to see their pets and know they’re being well cared for and offering viewable CCTV will create a unique selling point for your business. Installing HD CCTV can be a great way for you to attract new customers. Word-of-mouth referrals are a fast and inexpensive way of expanding your customer base.

In the past poor picture quality made it unreliable but now, HD precision CCTV is affordable, reliable and more than 5 times sharper than traditional analogue systems. Not only does it provide a valuable safety and security system but it also provides you with an excellent tool to promote your business and keep an eye on it whilst you are away.

Dog Kennel Surveillance System

dog kennel security system

If you’re looking to install a CCTV system that allows your customers to view live footage of their beloved dog while they’re away, our CCTV system is a great option for you.

We’ll make it easy for your customers to view their dog via their existing mobile device in full HD quality. To find out more, click on the button below.

Cattery Surveillance System

Cattery Surveillance System

Adding a live feed CCTV from your Cattery is a great way to let customers know their cat is being cared for at all times.

Most people feel terrible when they are away from their cat, and being able to see everything is ok at the tap of a button provides great relief.

 To speak to a member of our team about installing a surveillance system that’s accessible to your customers, click on the button below.

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