I-HT provides education and child care facilities with CCTV based security. We supply, install and maintain CCTV systems ideally suited for Schools and Colleges and we’ve been providing high-quality products and customer service for over 20 years. We can help you choose a CCTV system that’s suitable for your School or College and your budget.

Do you need CCTV in schools, colleges, or child care facilities? 

The use of CCTV in educational establishments has increased rapidly in recent years as a positive measure to prevent vandalism and enhance security and safety. Our secure, stand-alone CCTV systems offer more than just a security measure, they provide a valuable management tool with more applications than simply security:

Benefits of using CCTV in Schools, Colleges & Child Care Facilities

  • Increase personal safety of Staff & Pupils
  • Protect buildings & assets
  • Monitor movement & behaviour in communal areas
  • Provide impartial accounts in instances of negative behaviour such as false allegation or abuse
  • View from any location via the internet or smartphone to assist in managing the school remotely

In our experience, education and child care facilities have very specific issues relating to security and are quite often targeted for theft and vandalism. CCTV cameras can help to combat the threats of intruders, bullying, violence from pupils and parents, vandalism, graffiti and arson and to monitor the behaviour of pupils in certain, less supervised areas.

Site management can also be aided by the use of CCTV especially in remote locations and hotspot areas.

  • Perimeter & Site Security
  • Wireless and Networkable solutions for remote monitoring of the perimeter
  • Monitors and curbs unauthorised intruders on to the site (day and night)
  • Deters individuals who cause wilful damage
  • Provides security and protection of property
  • Acts as a deterrent and records incidents
  • Hotspot Management
  • View live or archived footage of hotspots such as entrances/exits, receptions areas, corridors, stairwells, outbuildings and storage areas
  • Assists with managing school behavioural policies
  • Protects staff vehicles and monitors car park’s
  • Classroom Management
  • Stop theft and vandalism in ICT Suites
  • Monitor areas containing expensive equipment
  • Assists with Pupil behaviour management

There are significant benefits from installing CCTV such as reducing parents’ fear of crime, deterring intruders, preventing misbehaviour and unauthorised absences and providing evidence for the police in serious incidents. Providing a safer environment can promote a positive and pleasant place to study and play. It can also improve parents’ confidence and peace of mind of their child’s environment and provide a useful training tool for Staff and pupils (e.g. reviewing how to handle a difficult pupil or parent confrontations).

We will specify a solution that’s relevant for the future by recommending the best solution for your School or College. All our systems, whether they are standard, IP or HD, are suitable for adding on cameras if you find your needs change and they can be upgraded with little hassle for low costs.

Regulatory Responsibilities

There are legal requirements with which every school installing CCTV has to comply. Schools have a statutory requirement to notify the Information Commissioner that they are installing CCTV and also to state clearly and precisely the purposes for which it is being employed, including the dissemination and distribution of all data collected. The Information Commissioner’s Office ( is the UK’s independent authority overseeing protection of personal information.

The actual use of CCTV can also be affected by statutory legislation, including the Data Protection Act 1998, the Human Rights Act 1998 and, on occasion, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. Schools must ensure that they are not in possible breach of these regulations. We advise that you contact your Local Education Authority if you have any questions.

Inn-House Technology Ltd is an ISO9001 (2015) quality assured company and is approved by Essex County Council Trading Standards. All our Staff are directly employed and are CRB checked. We will look after you from start to finish and guarantee that if you have a technical query you will always get through to our helpful and dedicated team, not a call centre.

For more information on CCTV for your Nursery, School or College please contact Inn-House Technology Ltd by email or filling out the form here:

Zoltan Serfozo
Zoltan Serfozo
Absolute super service and great experience. Lee was very helpful from start to finish and all engineers done a superb job. From getting in touch for the first time to all the way up to completion everything went super easy and super smooth. Constant communication and a very experienced, professional team. The new CCTV system is running like a dream. Can't recommend them enough. Many Thanks guys
Stuart Orrin
Stuart Orrin
we've used these guys for several years to install and maintain our security cameras and always found them straightforward and easy to deal with - definitely recommended
stu dunston
stu dunston
We have used I-HT before on our previous install of CCTV and after 3 years of flawless service we decided to upgrade. One phone call we got rough idea of cost and survey date. The Chap turned up on time, run through the options and spec’d a great system which turned out to be great value when checked on the internet. The Installation team turned up on time as promised, and fitted system with minimum disruption to our office, everything was left tidy and run though the use. A check up phone a week later to ensure we were happy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 5 Stars