Are you debating whether or not to invest in HD CCTV for your business? Then read on. More and more business owners are investing in CCTV for their premises, and with good reason. It can serve to protect your organisation, as well as your customers and employees, in a number of different ways.

Keep your business secure

By far the biggest (and perhaps the most obvious) benefit of CCTV is that it can reduce the likelihood of break-ins occurring. It can act as an effective deterrent, making it less likely that thieves will target your company in the first instance. Keeping your business secure after hours should be one of your top priorities, particularly if you simply can’t afford for expensive products, equipment or sensitive information to be stolen. It can stop your business trading, either temporarily or permanently.

Of course, having a CCTV system installed doesn’t necessarily mean that no-one will attempt to break into your premises. However, you’ll be a lot more likely to catch the culprits if CCTV records the incident. You may also find that installing HD CCTV can reduce your insurance premiums – an added bonus!

Reduce employee incidents

Those businesses with CCTV installed tend to experience far fewer employee-related incidents than those without it. Examples of such incidents include workplace violence (including sexual harassment), theft and fraud. With CCTV watching over your employees, it becomes much more difficult for them to act inappropriately or steal from you. CCTV can also increase productivity in the workplace. Staff generally work much harder if they know that they’re being watched. As well as boosting employee productivity, CCTV may also boost your own productivity as well. This is because it allows you to spend less time monitoring your employees and instead focus on aspects of your business that require more attention.

The team at I-HT provide a full HD CCTV installation and maintenance service to businesses of all sizes in Colchester, East Anglia and throughout the south-east of the country. State of the art HD CCTV systems are available to purchase or hire according to your requirements.