HD CCTV cameras are often used to catch prospective intruders and other conventional criminals. However, they can also be used to spot and deal with more insidious threats. Did you know that some of greatest security challenges that businesses have to face are internal rather than external? Internal security risks include disgruntled employees and opportunistic criminals who happen to have legitimate reasons to be inside your site or premises. If these individuals choose to act on their sense of bitterness or criminal inclinations, they can pose a much greater threat to your business than ordinary intruders. In today’s blog, we’ll give you some hints for how to use HD CCTV cameras to spot and stop these internal threats.

Monitor valuable supplies and equipment

To catch ordinary intruders, you would normally place HD CCTV cameras around your premises or site’s perimeter. However, internal security threats are already inside your perimeter. That’s why it’s also important to place CCTV cameras in any room where you store valuable supplies, technology or office equipment. You should even monitor these rooms with CCTV if the items inside are too big to steal. Remember, a disgruntled employee may be more interested in damaging company property than stealing it.

Deploy CCTV warning signs

While CCTV cameras can be used to catch people who pose internal security risks, they can also be used to deter them before they attempt anything criminal. Simply putting up signs that advise your employees and visitors that CCTV cameras are in use throughout your premises can prevent people from becoming security threats.

Keep the cameras’ sight-lines clear

As we mentioned in point one, CCTV cameras need to be positioned inside your premises in order to catch internal security risks. Office equipment is often moved around and supplies are often stacked in different locations throughout businesses premises. When moving equipment or stacking supplies, make sure you don’t obstruct your CCTV cameras’ lines of sight. This will make it much easier to spot would-be criminals.

By following these three simple tips. You can make sure you don’t fall prey to internal security threats. It’s also worth noting that you should always opt for HD CCTV instead of standard CCTV. After all, you can only identify a culprit if you can see them clearly. Here at I-HT, we supply a broad range of different HD CCTV cameras, so check out our options today.