HD CCTV cameras serve three distinct yet interrelated functions. Firstly, they act as a deterrent: they prevent crimes by demonstrating that your business site or premises is secure and protected. Secondly, they give you and your security personnel the chance to catch intruders in the act and thereby halt crimes before they can be completed. Finally, if an intruder successfully carries out a crime on your property, your cameras give you the chance to identify them and bring them to justice. When installing HD CCTV cameras as part of an integrated security system, it’s important to ensure that they can fulfil all three functions. In today’s blog, we’d like to provide some tips to help you accomplish this.


CCTV cameras can only deter prospective intruders if they can be seen and if they are clearly active. We therefore strongly suggest placing at least some of your CCTV cameras inconspicuous locations. Making sure the ‘on’ light on each camera is clearly visible is also a good idea. Finally, we recommend using traditionally-shaped CCTV cameras on the outside of your premises rather than more modern domed cameras. Their iconic shape is highly-visible and also acts as a very effective warning to would-be intruders.


Your CCTV system can help you prevent crimes that are about to happen and stop crimes that are in progress. However, it can only do this if someone is monitoring the feed from your cameras when a crime is committed. It’s therefore important to have a member of your security team monitoring the footage from your cameras at all times. If this isn’t possible, you should consider using your CCTV cameras in conjunction with an alarm system. If an alarm is tripped, a member of your security team can ascertain the problem by looking at the feed from a nearby camera.


In order to successfully identify criminals using HD CCTV cameras, you have to maximise visibility. Firstly, you should make sure that your cameras’ views aren’t obstructed. Of course, it’s not usually possible for a single camera to see every part of a room or space simply because every area in a business premises has something in it that can block a camera’s view. However, objects should be positioned so that multiple cameras can be used to see every part of each area on-site. You should also ensure that CCTV-monitored areas are well-lit.

Here at I-HT, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality cameras that can be used to defend your business from almost any type of criminal activity. By following the tips we’ve provided in today’s entry, you can maximise the efficiency of your cameras as deterrents, crime-prevention devices and identification tools. Contact us today for more information on improving your CCTV system’s usefulness.