With winter firmly in place, you’re probably wrapped up warm in your Christmas jumper, with your pipes nicely lagged and your hot drinks in high demand. However, spare a thought for your CCTV system, with its cameras outside in all weather conditions. Have you made sure it’s ready to catch Santa, or indeed any less welcome visitors, while you’re carving the turkey and dodging the sprouts? Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your CCTV system is ready to do its job as the mercury plummets.

Check all cables

Your cables are responsible for transmitting images, and providing power to the components, so it’s really important that they’re doing their job. Check for damage, particularly if the cables are situated in an exposed area. It might be worth keeping a supply of replacements ready to use, in case you find any damaged ones.

Polish the lenses

Avoid the glass getting scratched by polishing on a regular basis. Wipe off any condensation which might have formed overnight when you arrive in the morning, to ensure that the images the camera captures are clean and crisp.

Wipe the cameras down

It’s a ten-second job which could save you a lot of trouble and time. High winds and snowfall can push dirt inside the camera unit.

Look for obstructed views

Particularly important after strong winds, which may bring down trees, fences or other items on site. Make sure that your camera’s line of sight isn’t obstructed by newly fallen objects, or that your camera hasn’t taken a hit from an item which has fallen down.

Investigate memory capacity

However, your system stores video, make sure you’ve got enough recording space to see you through the festive break if you’re not going to be there every day. Trespassers know that offices and commercial premises are more likely to be empty over Christmas, so give yourself the best chance of catching them by keeping those cameras rolling.

Got any questions about keeping your CCTV system at its best during the cold months of winter? Call Inn-House Technology and speak to us about your HD CCTV maintenance.