Equestrian CCTV

Need CCTV For Your Stables?

To find out how our CCTV system can help protect your stables, below.

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Our Equestrian CCTV allows you to remotely monitor your horses and yard live, 24/7 from wherever you are, on and off-site. It comes with a free mobile viewer App that means you don’t have to spend all night going out to check on expectant mares.

You can monitor foaling boxes, quarantine areas, tack rooms, yard equipment and stables from the comfort of your home. You can watch during the night without getting out of bed which is great for getting to know the horse’s habits and for keeping a close eye on erratic behaviour or symptoms of illness.

Equestrian CCTV covers your investments in bloodstock and equipment and it not only provides safety and security measures but it also deters thieves and keeps insurers happy to.

CCTV Features:

• High-quality day/night cameras automatically switch from colour to low-light black & white using built-in infrared illumination which means you can use your CCTV in the dark all year round
• Motion detection (or fitted sensor) features allows the DVR to email you alerts with images attached provided you have an internet connection
• A range of durable & water resistant cameras ideal for stable environments.
• Live CCTV for monitoring foaling boxes
• Watch live/recorded CCTV from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) with a free mobile viewer App
• Rental or outright purchase options available
• 4 years equipment warranty on rental
• Workmanship guarantee on all installations
• Impeccable on-going support & technical help
• When you contact us we’ll take care of you as we’re not a call centre

What Benefits are there to having CCTV in a Horse Stable?

• Monitor the safety and well-being of your horses without having to go outside
• Covers investments in bloodstock, property and equipment
• Enables Trainers & Owners to view their horses remotely (once you’ve approved access)
• Live remote viewing means you don’t have to spend all night going out to check on the horses for a better nights sleep.
• Monitor expectant mares from the comfort of your home
• Keep an eye on any vehicles on site and monitor speed limits
• Equestrian CCTV pays for itself when its foaling time
• Deters against malicious attacks and thefts
• Watch over sick horses without the need to be there 24 hours a day
• Helps protect you from unjustified insurance claims

Need Equestrian CCTV?

I-HT have over 29 years of experience providing equine CCTV solutions. If you’d like us to help set up a reliable system for your horses, click here.