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Welcome to I-HT CCTV Installation – Essex’s number one choice for CCTV security. 

We’ve been protecting families, business establishments, organisations and local authorities for over 29 years and have a solid team of CCTV experts who can get your premises secured fast.

Whether you’re a homeowner living in an area that’s had recent break-ins, or a business owner looking to improve health and safety – we’re here to help.

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Our CCTV Systems Keep You Safe

Our CCTV cameras record in full 4K quality, which leaves very little for the imagination. And what’s more, we are also design your CCTV system to cover all vulnerabilities-making it almost impossible for even the most hardened criminal to strike without being cooked.

As Soon As Something Fishy Happens, You’ll Know

CCTV cameras on mobile phone
Get “virtual tripwire” updates on your phone and check in seconds

Because your mobile phone will send you an alert whenever there’s a significant change to your scenery using the latest “virtual tripwire” technology.

This is far from the cheap motion sensors you may have seen elsewhere that go off every time a cat walks by… these virtual tripwires are able to identify real threats and ignore pets – keeping you fully protected without driving you up the wall!

This is the exact same technology airfields are now using to protect millions of pounds worth of aircrafts.

And You Can View Them From Anywhere In The World

That’s right, as long as you’ve got an internet connection you’ll be able to view all your cameras in real-time from your mobile phone.

Whether you’re in Barcelona, Brazil, in bed or in the bath – if something suspicious happens you’ll be notified and able to check in seconds.

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