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With thefts from Farms and other business’s in rural locations on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to secure your site.

Farms are dealing with all sorts of natural elements, so there is nothing more disheartening for a farmer to find things such as: a lorry load of waste fly-tipped in a field, that a combine harvester has been significantly damaged to have the GPS system stolen, Farm animals stolen and equipment stolen.

Recent figures indicate that rural crime in the UK during 2019 cost in the region of £54.3m, this is an increase of around 9% on the previous year.

The figure for the years 2020 & 2021 are already looking to be significantly higher than previous years as criminal gangs continue to target rural businesses.

The sharp rise in items being targeted for thefts are: high value tractors, quad bikes, other farm vehicles, fertilisers and generally all hand & power tools that can be carried. Livestock theft has also significantly increased over the years with large numbers of livestock being stolen and then is thought to enter the food chain illegally.

Here’s some of the top tips to secure your farm:

CCTV Surveillance

farm security cctv

With theft in rural areas on the increase it comes as no surprise to find more farmers turning to CCTV systems to protect their property and livestock.

Using the latest in technology, I-HT can consult with you and then provide a farm CCTV security system that is tailored to your own farm. This can be from a couple of cameras monitoring entrances or a very comprehensive CCTV system that will protect all of the important areas of your farm.

Technology has vastly improved in recent years especially in the world of CCTV and the many embedded features that provide so many benefits. This allows I-HT to provide cost effective systems that can be monitored via the internet or on mobile devices.

Our new TiOC cameras are proving to be extremely popular with many farmers and other business owners that have their business’s in a more rural location.

What is TiOC — Active Deterrence Technology
TiOC denotes ‘Three in One Camera’. The three-in-one refers to its triad of features combining full colour 24/7 monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one simple solution. The technology built into the camera is designed to identify and warn off potential intruders, mitigating risk, saving lives and loss of theft.

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This means that wherever you are in the world you can keep an eye on your property and be alerted to specific activities. Additionally, CCTV systems can be designed with the scope to be modified at a later date in order to be able to add additional levels of security.

Improvements in the wireless transmitting of CCTV camera images allow multiple buildings covering large areas to also be monitored, all in the best quality.

All cameras have the ability to notify the user of the CCTV system via an alert to a mobile device if a camera detects movement in an area, outside of normal working hours. They can also alert the intruder they are being monitored and an alert has been sent out, deterring them from proceeding further.

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Motion Activated Lighting

Motion Activated Lighting

The persons carrying out these untoward activities generally like to operate under the cover of darkness. Lights that are activated by motion have proved to be a great deterrent and have been known to thwart these acts.

This is one of the more cost-effective methods to prevent crime at your farm and is a good idea if budget is a concern.

Signs and Cameras

Surveillance Sign

Having easy to see signs and cameras do act as a deterrent to criminal activity for the opportunist thieves, although more organised gangs aren’t quite as concerned with warning signs and cameras that don’t send alerts, as they’ll keep their face covered up and get on with it anyway.

This is why CCTV systems that send alerts are far more effective at preventing crime.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Signage displaying that all farm vehicles are utilising trackers will also deter them from them being taken. These can be cost effective to install and may also reduce insurance premiums.

This doesn’t help the rest of your equipment, but it can help protect some of the most expensive and important items.

Out Of Sight

Keeping smaller vehicles, machinery and tools out of sight and locked away will not provide the opportunist thief to easily walk in and remove items. Keeping these items out of sight also negates the more organised gangs to make a good itinerary of items they would like to remove.

Need Help Securing Your Farm?

The size and complexity of a CCTV system does sometimes depend on what is affordable at that time. I-HT always like to bear in mind that systems can always be upgraded and extended at a later date.

We understand that farms and requirements differ, which is why we offer a completely bespoke solution every time. I-HT can offer a wide range of CCTV systems that fit perfectly with your budget and needs.

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Our CCTV systems will be professionally installed in accordance with the National Security Inspectorate.