HD CCTV is essential for any company that wants to improve health and safety conditions on-site. It’s particularly important for any business seeking ISO:45001 accreditation, too.

ISO:45001 is the new occupational health and safety standard due out in 2018.

Companies with this accreditation will show to their clients, employees, and prospective customers that they take occupational health seriously. This can improve relationships with suppliers and customers, as well as instil a positive attitude in employees.

While you don’t have to have any ISO accreditation, it can improve working relationships and help you to bid for better contracts. Currently, some companies will only accept bids from organisations that have specific ISO accreditation (usually ISO:9001 or ISO:27001). Once ISO:45001 is introduced, it’s likely that many customers will add this to their ‘essential requirements’ list for contractors.

How HD CCTV can help boost safety at work

CCTV isn’t just a passive monitoring tool: it also creates an atmosphere of responsibility amongst your staff.

When your employees have received health and safety training, it’s important that they feel accountable for their behaviour moving forward. Those who have had training are responsible for contributing to a positive and safe working environment – and HD CCTV can help encourage this attitude.

Why CCTV improves on-site safety for staff

HD CCTV can help your staff identify hazards before they occur. Detailed video of dangerous areas, such as a factory floor, can help viewers spot potential problems and remedy them before anything serious happens.

In addition, perimeter CCTV monitoring helps to identify people around the property boundaries. Detailed HD CCTV will help security staff to identify whether the person approaching a boundary is a recognisable member of staff, a possible visitor, or a potential security risk.

Cameras on the boundary let security staff view from a safe distance, so when they’ve identified the person approaching using HD CCTV they can make appropriate plans for the next action. A potential threat can be approached more safely than a patrolling guard coming across a trespasser.

Install HD CCTV to improve health and safety

To make sure your business is fully ready for ISO 45001, and that your staff feel comfortable with the safe and monitored environment you provide them, it’s time to install HD CCTV. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.