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Just how will I-HT CCTV benefit your equestrian premises?

I-HT have significant experience in working with 5 different categories of equestrian type premises, these are:

All of the above categories of equestrian premises all have very individual and unique needs for requiring a CCTV system, the one common requirement they all have is for a system that provides excellent security with all the features they will benefit from for their horses and property.

If stables and yards are empty, who may be keeping an eye on your horses, premises, equipment and feed?

It can also be beneficial for Health and Safety, and for Welfare of people and animals.

We understand that stables and requirements differ, which is why we offer a completely bespoke solution every time. I-HT can offer a wide range of CCTV systems that fit perfectly with your budget and needs.

Here, we can take a look at just some of the reasons why horse-focused businesses choose to invest with I-HT for their CCTV system.

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CCTV for Equestrian Centres & Security

Equestrian CCTV

General security is one of the most common reasons why equestrian centres look at CCTV installations. Good clear cameras and good CCTV signage at all access, entry and exit points will always be a good preventative measure to deter unwanted visitors attending the site. Excellent night time vision means that flood lights no longer need to be left on overnight which could disturb a horse’s wellbeing. Features such as Smart Motion Detection will alert the user if an intruder was picked up in the field of view within a camera at a specified time of day/night when generally no persons should be within that area.

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CCTV for Studs and Bloodstock Operations

CCTV is now widely used in studs and the fouling of horses. Night vision cameras are used to provide a sophisticated answer to traditional physical foaling watch that required a person to be present in the stable during the foaling. Having a good quality camera with a wide angle lens means that the whole of the stable is visible enabling the mare to be monitored from the stud manager or grooms residence. In built microphones also allow the groom manager to listen to the mares for any sounds of distress. This enables close monitoring without distribing and potentially causing unnecessary distress. Some larger studs also benefit from using cameras to keep an eye on horses that may have to be in quarantine also use cameras to keep an eye on quarantine areas. Grooms can keep interaction with new horses (who could be carrying infectious diseases) to a minimum.

The vast improvement in technology allows us to use cameras in multiple areas over vast distances too by using high performance Wireless Bridges, they offer superb stability in the transmission of great quality camera images wirelessly. This enables any part of the property required to be covered

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CCTV for Livery

CCTV For Stables

CCTV is becoming more popular with each level of  livery yards, they can offer owners a way to log in and see their horse when they aren’t there!

CCTV is especially beneficial for DIY livery owners as you can see at all times who is within the stables even when you aren’t. We’ve been asked to fit security measures to protect tack, stable equipment and feed areas quite a lot over the years, but recently people have specifically asked us to install CCTV systems, so they can see their horse and know they’re OK when they’re not with them.

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CCTV For Race Horse Trainers

CCTV For Race Horse Trainers

Along with providing exceptional security, race horse trainers ultimately want to monitor at all times the wellbeing of their staff and horses.

CCTV can also be useful to ensure that anyone caring for your horse is undertaking the required tasks and looking after the race horses as you would expect, it is also very beneficial in ensuring that health and safety procedures are also being adhered to. Racing stables often are laid out over a large area with different categories of race horses in kept in many different areas, making almost impossible to physically monitor all areas at all times. The systems that I-HT provide allow many users of the systems to simultaneously monitor all areas at all times, providing absolute peace of mind.

Take a look at this case study here to learn how we helped Clarehaven Stables.

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CCTV For Private Horse Stables

stables cctv

Owning and caring for a horse is a big investment, and there is always a lot of work to do. Some people organize their lives around their horses to some extent, and end up spending long hours in the stable. Sometimes we don’t realize how big a role our horses play in our lives, but as soon as there is a problem we immediately become aware of just how much we care. With recent concerns over attacks on horses, it’s no surprise that people have become increasingly interested in CCTV for horse stables. As we work with many horse owners, we understand just how important it is to know your horses are healthy and safe from harm.

CCTV is the perfect security measure for giving you peace of mind where horses are concerned. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the footage from your smartphone, tablet or computer, meaning you could be the other side of the world and still be able to see how your horse is fairing.

With number plate recognition cameras, it enables tracking of all staff and vistors to the site.

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CCTV for Horse Fields

CCTV for Horse Fields

I-HT also have a vast amount of experience installing CCTV camera systems to cover and protect horse fields, which are another common location where criminals strike.

If your fields need surveillance cameras, get in touch with our team today.

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Other tips that can assist in combatting unwanted incidents are:

  • Ensure you have good physical security
  • Consider installing an alarm
  • Secure all valuables and never leave them on show.
  • Always lock the doors of buildings that you aren’t in.
  • Try to always place tack away in a locked tack room after using, never leave it lying around.
  • Place identification or security marks on equipment & tack.
  • Photograph all tack, equipment & your horse.

The same applies for farm security. CCTV can be a fantastic tool for keeping an eye on your farmyard animals and machinery, and it can be integrated with your other security measures, so everything works hand in hand.

As you can see, the team at I-HT have vast experience in working with horse race trainers, studs & blood stock farms, equestrian centres, livery yards and really help them in advising the correct CCTV system for their premises.

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