HD CCTV has a significant effect in reducing crime. For some businesses the impact is astounding – car park businesses, for example, have seen over 50% reduction in crime with the use of CCTV. As well as meeting the needs of the business, widespread camera use is a boost to the wider community when businesses work with the police.

Protecting property: the benefit for companies and employees

An obvious benefit of video surveillance systems is the protection of business property and assets, as well as that of customers. HD CCTV has a preventative effect, saving companies and individuals from the financial impact of loss or damage to a property when criminals are put off their crimes. Plus offenders are more likely to be caught when HD CCTV is used.

Keeping up standards: a boost for service businesses

As well as protecting the property of a business and its employees, CCTV can be used by service businesses to enhance its customer experience through crime prevention. One example of this in practice is Network Rail and the London Underground, which operate over 13,000 cameras between them. Working with the police they are able to ensure the continued safety of their customers, which is a key part of their service.

Better images increase protection

Video surveillance is improved by HD technology which increases the clarity of images and footage. The ability to recognise facial features in more detail, for example, has enhanced the usefulness of images in investigations.

A final note

With HD CCTV becoming a no-brainer for businesses of all sizes wanting to protect company and employee property, there are a few things businesses need to remember. It is important to be responsible with footage, and only keep footage for as long as the business needs it. That may be slightly longer than you might expect because others could ask for footage. For example, you will need to give images to police and other authorities if asked. You’ll also need to give images to anyone who has been recorded and who asks for them, within 40 days of a request. Finally, remember you need to put up a sign explaining that CCTV is being used and giving reasons for this.

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