CCTV For Larger Premises

If you run a successful business, you’ll probably need to move into larger premises as it grows and develops. Moving into new offices can be a complicated process and you may be vulnerable to security breaches during the transitional period. That’s why it’s important to understand how your CCTV-based security requirements are likely to change as you upgrade to more expansive premises. By understanding your growing security needs and implementing the necessary changes, you can protect your business as it settles into its new premises. That’s why we’ve created a list of the ways your CCTV system will have to change in order to protect your business in a new building.

Improving Your CCTV Image Quality

If you were using standard definition cameras at your last premises, you should upgrade to HD CCTV cameras at the new one. Larger premises have more people coming and going on a daily basis, which makes it harder to spot people who shouldn’t be in your premises. Switching to cameras with superior definition can give you the edge you need to spot would-be intruders among your legitimate employees and clients.

Create a Dedicated Security Team

If your new premises is too big to be viewed and taken in rapidly, simply having a CCTV system is no longer enough. You can’t rely on ordinary employees to spot intruders just by quickly checking your CCTV monitors. You need to recruit and train a dedicated security team to monitor your CCTV footage and act as soon as they see something suspicious.

Increase the Number of Cameras You Use

The most obvious change you’ll have to make to your CCTV system is the number of cameras it uses. You can’t monitor a large premises with the same number of cameras you used to monitor a small one.

Maximise Data Storage

CCTV footage is a very valuable type of data. It’s important to store as much of it as possible in case you need to find evidence of intrusion or criminality later. That’s why it’s worth investing in a large server or offline data storage solution for your HD CCTV footage as you move into more spacious premises. Remember, larger premises need more CCTV cameras and therefore generate more footage.

Here at I-HT, we pride ourselves on creating superb, reliable HD CCTV solutions. By following the tips we’ve provided in today’s blog entry, you can ensure that they work just as well in your new, larger premises as in your old premises.

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