Staffed residential homes and care facilities for those with severe mental health difficulties are an important part of treatment here in the UK. They represent a community-focused approach to mental health care that doesn’t rely on hospitalisation.

If you are in charge of managing one of these homes or facilities, you are probably aware of how important they are to their users and the surrounding community. But have you considered your facility’s security requirements? Here at I-HT, we provide HD CCTV cameras to a wide range of businesses and organisations and we believe you should invest in one of our comprehensive CCTV solutions as soon as possible. But why is this so important?

  1. Protecting vulnerable residents and patients

Because they can become isolated from other people, individuals with pronounced mental health issues are often more vulnerable to theft and violent crimes than typical citizens. Criminals target them because they have fewer social connections and may be less able to seek justice for themselves. Deploying CCTV cameras around your staffed residential home or care facility can help keep your residents or patients safe by deterring prospective criminals. CCTV cameras can also prevent the property itself from being damaged.

  1. Protecting members of the public

A small number of psychological disorders can lead to violent or unpredictable behaviour. CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the area surrounding your staffed home or care facility, thereby allowing you to spot troubling behaviour before it becomes violent and poses a threat to members of the public. This obviously helps keep members of the public safe. However, it also helps you to keep your residents and patients away from confrontations and legal repercussions that might negatively affect their conditions.

  1. Getting to the truth

In the event of an argument between residents or patients, you may have to arbitrate the dispute. Having footage from a CCTV camera can really help you to understand the truth about what happened and come to an informed decision. CCTV footage can also be useful if a dispute occurs between a resident or patient and a member of the public. It’s always important to know what really happened before you decide what action to take.

If you run a staffed home or care facility for people with severe mental health issues, you are doing truly vital work. Don’t let lax security undermine it. Invest in HD CCTV today. With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make necessary security improvements.