CCTV is incredibly useful for a wide range of different businesses. It can be used to deter prospective intruders, ensure that your employees adhere to company policy and catch would-be thieves and other criminals. Here at I-HT, we aim to provide reliable HD CCTV systems that won’t break down or fail with prolonged use. However, even the most well-designed CCTV systems need to be maintained and serviced regularly. If you want your system to remain functional for years, you should have maintenance work carried out at regular, scheduled intervals. Nevertheless, if your system shows signs of damage or develops a fault, you shouldn’t wait for your next scheduled maintenance session: you should have it serviced or repaired immediately. But what faults and signs of damage do you need to look out for?

  1. Camera faults

The most obvious problems that can occur in a CCTV system are physical camera faults. For example, if a camera is designed to rotate in order to cover a wide area or track motion, it might become stuck and stop moving. Alternatively, a camera may break down suddenly and stop recording altogether. Physical faults with individual cameras leave gaps in your overall CCTV coverage and should be addressed immediately.

  1. Software errors

Modern digital CCTV systems are controlled by advanced software. This makes them much more sophisticated and responsive than old-fashioned analogue systems. However, software systems can develop faults that should be corrected as soon as possible. For example, the time-code associated with each piece of CCTV footage is controlled by software, so it’s possible for it to go out of sync and become incorrect. Software errors can also affect how your CCTV cameras behave (for example, by failing to turn them on and off at the appropriate times) and even whether your footage gets saved properly. If your CCTV system starts to behave in an unusual way that can’t be explained by a faulty camera, it probably has a software error. You should have the system serviced and corrected as soon as you become aware of this error.

  1. Hardware problems

It’s easy to miss hardware problems that don’t directly affect your CCTV cameras. However, they can undermine your system in the long-run. In particular, you should look out for frayed wires and physical damage to your data storage facilities. Even if they don’t seem serious, you should have these issues fixed without delay.

If your CCTV system needs to be repaired, serviced or maintained, contact us today. We can help.