Live Remote CCTV App

iphone remote cctv app

I-HT Ltd offer a full range of internal and external live CCTV cameras that can be networked via a local area network or via an internet connection, allowing them to be viewed and monitored remotely on either a PC, iPad, iPhone, or any suitable smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world via a remote CCTV app. 

Why Do You Need a Remote CCTV App? 

This means that as a user you can get remote access to monitor your live CCTV cameras and recorded footage over the internet which can be utilised to make sure staff are on time and working throughout their shift, or to monitor health and safety practices for example.

It can also give protection for any “lone workers” on-site, giving them peace of mind that someone is checking on their well being. We can offer you a fully installed, cost-effective live CCTV system that you can monitor via a standard broadband connection.

The applications for live CCTV cameras are endless, whether it’s for retail, commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic. The bonus of having live CCTV cameras is that it allows the user total control and flexibility as to when and where they monitor their surveillance cameras. Remote management offers live monitoring and playback so if an incident or event occurs it enables you to take immediate action.

Quick & Easy Installation and Set-Up

All our DVR’s (digital video recorders) come with remote management software so that your CCTV images can be monitored live or stored for viewing later. The CCTV systems we supply use data compression software to provide real-time viewing and we fully install, connect and set up your internet connection, ensuring that you can gain access via the web instantly.

Remote CCTV App

As long as you have an internet connection in your workplace or home, we can set up your surveillance system to be viewed on any designated PC, smartphone or tablet. 

At I-HT we are constantly trying to find ways to keep prices low for our customers. Being able to remotely monitor CCTV is a cost-effective way of providing live, on-the-ground protection around the clock without the costs associated with providing 24-hour manned surveillance.

A simple remote CCTV app can be downloaded so you can monitor your surveillance cameras 24/7.

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