CCTV For Larger Premises

Here at I-hT, we understand how important CCTV cameras can be for the security of your business. That’s why we aim to provide high-quality HD CCTV systems that perfectly match our client’s requirements. One of the most important things to establish when investing in a CCTV system is how many cameras you need. There are several questions that you can ask yourself to decide how many cameras you need to successfully protect your business premises. We’ll go through them in today’s blog.

How many entry points does my premises have?

The number of doorways and potential entry points your premises has will help you decide how many external cameras you need. Each entry point should be covered by at least one camera. In particular, you should ensure that each doorway has its own camera because you need to make it clear that your main entrances and exits are protected. This can deter intruders. In contrast, you may not need a separate camera for every single window (or another potential forced-entry point) that an intruder could break to gain entry to your premises. However, you do need to make sure that all of these entry points are visible on your CCTV network. Work out how many cameras you need to cover every door and other entry-point on your property to find out how many cameras you need on the outside of your premises.

How many cameras do I need to cover the interior of my premises?

Every single part of the interior of your premises needs to be visible on your CCTV network. Clever intruders may try to use CCTV blind spots to avoid being caught on camera. Therefore, you should make sure that there are no blind-spots. Remember that just putting a camera in a position where it can ‘see’ a whole room isn’t enough, as its view may be blocked by objects or patches of shadow. Think carefully about how many cameras you need to see behind every obstruction for each room of your premises.

What type of business do I run?

Small businesses usually have smaller premises and therefore need fewer cameras to cover them completely. Larger businesses have larger premises and usually need more cameras. However, it’s also important to think about what your business actually does. For example, businesses that deal with large sums of cash or very valuable items obviously need extra CCTV cameras compared to service-based businesses that don’t hold very many valuable items on-site.

Whatever size and type of business you run, we can provide you with a HD CCTV network that’s right for you and utilises the correct number of cameras. Contact us today for more information.