New High Definition CCTV

p41_hdcctv1We now have some of the best High Definition CCTV available at a very affordable price. Our high quality full HD CCTV system provides live and recorded HD CCTV pictures in unparalleled detail providing incredibly clear evidence for verification of incidents.

HD CCTV is also viewable via phone or tablet and gives instant access to view remotely. Couple this with a high quality, simple digital recorder and monitor in your home, office or any occupied area and you have a very economic and powerful security solution.

What is so different about HD CCTV?

HD CCTV is the next step in CCTV standards. HD CCTV is configured so that the video feed is sent directly from the cameras to the recorder without having to compress and compromise the image quality. HD cameras deliver video based on a format that the HD TV broadcasting stations use which means HD CCTV is able to deliver higher resolution images.

Why choose HD CCTV?

  • Amazing live and recorded view quality
  • Precise facial recognition
  • Clearer identification and more successful prosecutions
  • More affordable than ever
  • Many features of more advanced CCTV systems without the equivalent cost
  • Viewable on a monitor and on any internet connected device
  • All live views are in real-time making them perfect for applications where time-to-screen is critical such as Shops, Petrol Stations, Banks, Haulage and Boat yards.

Free no-obligation demonstration and quotation

If you think a HD CCTV system would help with security and management, we would be very happy to bring a system to you to see high quality images for yourself. There is no obligation on your part.