Although your CCTV cameras are built to last and are generally reliable, you may have an occasional problem when the cameras stop working. Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide to help you sort out the most common issues.

My CCTV Has No Signal or Picture

In the absence of a picture or signal, the first thing to check is that the camera is connected. Look to see that the unit is plugged in and the outlet is switched on. You should be able to see that the camera’s LEDs are illuminated, indicating that it is receiving power.

The next thing to check is that you have selected the appropriate input channel. Common input channels are:

• Input
• AV
• Channel
• Line 1
• Line 2

You could also try connecting your camera to a different channel. Make sure that the channel chosen does not have Covert Recording enabled as this will prevent you from viewing the camera locally.

My CCTV Has Poor Picture Brightness

The usual reason for problems with the picture being too bright or too dark is an issue with the light source. Make sure that the camera has not moved in the wind so that it is now pointing straight at the sun or at a spotlight, making the picture appear too bright. If the camera has a sunshade, adjust it so that the excess light is blocked or move the camera back to its correct position and tighten up the fixings.

If the picture is very dark, move the camera so that more light hits it.

It’s also worth checking and adjusting the brightness and contrast settings on the device to which your camera is connected.

CCTV is Unclear or Blurred 

If the picture is unclear, it could simply be that the camera lens is dirty and just needs wiping clean. Another reason for the poor clarity of the image is that the extension cable is too long.

If your camera has a varifocal lens, you might need to adjust the lens’ zoom and focus settings in order to refocus it.

Upgrade Your CCTV Today

The above are all common, easily repairable issues that arise with CCTV systems. If your business CCTV system is old and unreliable, it may be time for a new one. HD CCTV systems are a great way to obtain maximum clarity from your recordings, for your peace of mind.

For more information on installing a new HD CCTV system at your business premises, contact us for an informal chat.