Remote Viewing CCTV Systems

What is Remote viewing CCTV?

Allowing you to keep checks on your property whilst you are away, Remote viewing CCTV systems is the best way to achieve this peace of mind. Working both preventatively and, if an incident occurs, informatively, it’s an essential security measure. 

How does Remote Viewing CCTV work?

Connecting your cameras and alarms to a remote viewing station via the internet, which can be live 24/7 or during vacant hours. If movement or an alarm is triggered, it will notify your access point. This could be a phone, laptop or TV, accessible from anywhere globally with I-HT CCTV, where you can view live and recorded footage. 

Benefits of being able to view CCTV remotely?

Alongside an alert system, remote CCTV viewing can let you know and show you when there is a trespasser on your property. Cheaper than a security guard, and with more coverage on bigger properties, you are eliminating the human risk with a convenient range of accessibility from a control desk or an internet-connected device. 

Peace of mind is a significant element of the use of remote CCTV systems. Knowing you can check into your property at any time, and know instantly about any issues through internet-connected surveillance, massively improves your security. In addition, the installation of cameras themselves can act as a deterrent to intruders, especially with well-planned elimination of blind spots, and can reduce your insurance as a bonus. 

I-HT Remote CCTV viewing systems

I-HT installed both home and business CCTV systems, with Remote CCTV viewing capabilities. Whilst installing our CCTV systems, we can show you how to use remote viewing and all its corresponding features. We work with you and your property to design a purpose-built system based on a free of charge consultation and will follow up with an easy to understand quote. 

To secure your property and peace of mind, contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote.