The Royal Hospital School estate covers a large area in a stunning setting in Suffolk and monitoring access to the site was becoming more difficult. A big concern for the School was the security of their plant and ground equipment after a number of thefts had occurred. Stolen plant equipment resale now represents big business for thieves and The Royal Hospital School had been targeted by criminals.


Due to the size of the estate, I-HT Ltd installed a number of systems which can be viewed on one monitor via the schools local area network (LAN). We fitted day/night bullet cameras with wider angle lenses and the cameras have infrared illumination which gives an 80mtr night observation distance. Mr Beard said he “thinks it’s great. From the monitor in front of me that shows four different CCTV systems on it, there’s a direct link. It’s super”. This solution, using the viewer program, enables the user to have images from each of the CCTV systems on the estate visible on one screen as long as there is access via the LAN. Basically you can choose to view any camera, from any of the CCTV systems, from one screen.

The School also benefits from increased security without compromising sensitivity. “In the school environment, we use the CCTV for safety as well as security for both Staff and pupils”. The presence of the CCTV not only deters incidents of theft and helps to secure property and buildings but also ensures Staff and pupil safety. With safety and sensitivity in mind it’s also important to mention that all I-HT engineers are fully CRB checked and are perfectly suited for installations at sensitive locations such as the Royal Hospital School.

Since the installation, Mr Beard is happy to report that along with a package of other measures, the CCTV has helped to cut out incidents of theft, and so far, there have not been any more occurrences of stolen plant and ground equipment.