Smart Motions Sensor Uses AI To Detect People & Cars
The smart motion solution offers a slick and simple feature designed to allow for more accurate tracking of people in order to reduce false alerts.

If you have a system fitted with standard motion detection, bad weather conditions including rain and wind leads to a large amount of motion and movement – triggering multiple false alerts on your smart device.

This doesn’t only tie up a large amount of your time, it can also make people less likely to check if there’s real threat (as it’s usually just a cat wandering about).

The Smart Motion Solution uses AI

Whereas with an I-HT CCTV solution (that has the smart motion feature with sophisticated AI technology), you’ll get a more precise tracking – therefore it’ll only trigger an alert when a person is visible, regardless of any other motion.

This reduces the amount of false alerts considerably.

And it can be set up to look out for cars too!

cctv car tracking

The exact same solution can also be applied if you only wish to monitor vehicles. And that’s the true power of the smart motion solution…

Get notified about the potential threats, and sleep through the random cats, weather conditions and other circumstances that trigger false alerts on other systems.

Plus it’s suitable for most businesses

Many businesses across the UK are benefiting from The Smart Motion Solution offered at I-HT. Common industries include: property management, equestrian, housing association, construction sites, social housing, horse stablesfarms and more.

If you wish to learn more about how it works please contact our team today. We’re a friendly bunch who are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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