As security technology advances, many people now consider their CCTV systems essential for ensuring the safety of their home and business. In recent years, mobile connectivity with CCTV systems has significantly improved, making it so much easier to have full and complete access to your CCTV images and all its security features from your mobile device.


Network Connectivity and Remote Access:
To ensure you have remote viewing capabilities, all CCTV systems or NVR’s (Network Video Recorders) need to be connected one way or another to a network or broadband router. Whether through a traditional Ethernet cable, TP Link or Wi-Fi, the network connection is the key component for accessing your CCTV system from your mobile phone.


System Set Up:
Systems used to need to be connected to a static IP address to allow for remote viewing access, this could be inconvenient, expensive and quite difficult for some users to have set up. Systems today are set up using the P2P (peer to peer) method, this only requires us to connect the NVR to a network or router and input user log in details. Meaning setting up remote viewing access for your system is a lot easier, no matter where in the world you want to view it from.


Dedicated Mobile Apps:
Most CCTV systems these days are usually paired with user-friendly mobile apps, all available for both Android and Apple devices. The mobile apps generally provide a good intuitive interface, providing you with the ability to view live footage, review recorded footage, and even have full control of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras remotely. You can also have full control over receiving real-time alerts if intruders are detected at certain times of day or night (if your system is set up for this). With just a couple of taps on your mobile screen, you can stay fully connected to your CCTV system whilst on the go, wherever in the world you may be.


With the right advice and expertise, you can take control of your system and monitor your property effortlessly. You can experience the convenience, security, and peace of mind that come with having your CCTV security system at your fingertips.


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